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Financial Hacks
Mar 13

4 Reasons Realtors Prefer Mortgage Brokers

Benefits of partnering with a top Orange County mortgage broker instead of a bank.

1. Fund Faster

Mortgage brokers tend to work fast, fast, fast! You can fund in as fast as 20 days or less! They help you gather all of your necessary paperwork and guide you every step of the way. At Tailored Home Loans our team specializes in team work, they efficiently communicate amongst each other to make sure that they prevent any unnecessary delays. THL works directly with several top lenders that will best fit your financial needs.

2. More Loan Options

Mortgage brokers provide more lender options. Tailored Home Loans is like the preferred search engine for home loan financing. We save you time by negotiating and shopping around for the best home loan programs on your behalf. THL has access to several home loan programs and can help you find the lowest interest rate available. We are Orange County and Los Angeles County top mortgage brokers and also several real estate agents preferred choice. Let us shop around for the best loan programs and interest rate for your personal situation. Did you know that about 90% of real estate agents would recommend a mortgage broker to their buyers? Banks are limited to their own programs, but why limit your options when you can have several options. Also keep in mind that because we have access to several lenders, this can also increase your chances of a home loan approval.

3. Secure, Efficient & Smooth Process

From the initial mortgage application until closing, you can easily and securely track your loan electronically throughout the entire process. Everything is transparent, which makes it easier to communicate amongst all parties. Our team is always available to answer any questions that you may have.

4. Best Buyer Experience

Our team looks out for your best interest, not the banks. We take great pride in providing excellent customer service. From day one until closing, we will be guiding and informing you every step of the way. Making sure you’re always our top priority. Happy Client = Customer Satisfaction!

Excellent Service, Speedy Process and Guaranteed Client Satisfaction.

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