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With one of the nation’s top interior design teams at its disposal, Tailored Home Loans has proudly been providing complimentary 3D Interior Design to home loan and refinancing clients. Your designer will also prove beautiful realistic 4K renders. Just close escrow with THL before August of 2023. Enjoy designing your dream home with a professional! 

How do you get Interior Design Services? It’s easy!

Option 1. Purchase a Home and close escrow with THL
Option 2. Refinance your existing mortgage and close escrow with THL

Tailored Home Loans is the only Mortgage Broker offering exclusive Interior Design services.

We know that the best home for you and your family is one that’s a perfect fit for you. The way you live, the things you love and need, the spaces where you’ll be happiest together. We want to help create your perfect home, and give you peace of mind. Whether it’s based on a home you already own or a new build that you plan to move into, your designer will work with you to create a stunning virtual environment that allows you to see what your new home will look like inside before it is finished. Your personal interior designer will work with you to help design your dream kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

 Interior design services are for the refinanced property or purchased property that was in the loan documents. Please tell your mortgage broker that you are interested in proceeding with interior design services so they can schedule a meeting with the Interior Designer for you.

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Stunning 4K Renders with Realistic Results

  • The Best Luxury Interior Design
  • French Riviera 3D interior design

Designed in 3D

Imagine buying your dream home or rental property and having a professional design it for you and provide you with a realistic 4K render! Tailored Home Loans has made that possible for you by partnering with Riviera Luxe Design for all of home loans that are processed and funded with THL before March! Work with a dedicated interior designer by providing your blueprints or room dimensions. Enjoy discussing your vision with your dedicated interior designer so they can begin the design process in virtual 3D mode.

Rendered in 4K

Using the most sophisticated technology, the 3D visuals will then be rendered into amazing realistic 4K Renders. They look incredibly real and you will see your vision come to life.

In the world of three-dimensional design, rendering refers to the process of adding physical attributes and details, such as color, shading, texture, and lamination, to a grid frame (or wire frame) that in return creates realistic images on a screen.

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