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Feb 23
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Jan 06
Restaurants near me in Anaheim Hills California

Best Restaurants in Anaheim Hills

Anaheim Hills is one of the most beautiful Cities in Orange County, California. It has everything one could want in a city and more. Anaheim Hills has gorgeous parks with amazing playgrounds, delicious restaurants and safe neighborhoods with beautiful homes. If you... read more →
Jan 02
Dec 25
Beware of online phishing and text scams

Beware of Scammers Online & Text Fraud

Beware of e-mail phishing scams. Everyone that has an email has encountered some type of scam, even if it goes to the spam folder, but there are always scamming attempts because unfortunately so many people fall for it. Definition: Phishing is a type... read more →
Mar 23
Mar 13
Mar 13
Jan 03
21 Most Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions

21 Most Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions

Mortgages and Refinancing can be complicated to understand and very intimidating. The good news is that there are guidelines that lenders must follow, but if you're fortunate enough, you will have a great experience with an excellent... read more →
Jan 02
What is a Mortgage

What is a Mortgage?

What is the literal meaning of the word Mortgage? Mortgage derives from two Latin words, "Mortuus", which means death and "Gage", which means pledge. It's safe to say that one is pledging until death to pay their loan. Now let's talk about what it actually is. A... read more →
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