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Dec 03

Steps to Buying a Home

Buying a home shouldn’t stress you out, it should be a positive milestone in your life.

Our team understands the hard work and effort that was put into saving money for a home, that is why we always manage to find the best loan program for you and your loved ones. Tailored Home Loans offers are variety of loan programs, fixed or adjustable, short or long term, to fit the needs of your budget and your plans for the future.

Our team is known for our excellent service, integrity and being one of the top mortgage brokers in Southern California, specializing in Orange and Los Angeles County with extensive knowledge in first time home buyer programs and refinancing. It is our duty to always match first time or repeat home buyers with the best loan program. We have powerful relationships with several top lending institutions that have a variety of home loan and refinance programs, leveraging us with more resources than most banks, always doing our best to match you with the best rate possible. You can go to a bank, but you will be limited to the offers of one institution, a mortgage broker with extensive experience, always partners with several top lending institutions and will match you with the perfect program.

Steps in Finding a Home

1. Get Pre-approved & Find Out How Much You Can Afford

Before you look at homes, get pre-approved, this way you know how much you can afford. This not only makes it easier on you as the buyer, but also shows realtors that you are serious and ready to commit to the next step, which is buying a home. Most realtors these days prefer, some even require, that you get pre-approved before they event start showing you homes. Tailored Home Loans is Orange County’s and Los Angeles County’s preferred mortgage broker for realtor referrals. Not only do we provide immaculate service, but we are known to fund in as fast as 15 days, as long as your up to speed with providing us with all the requested documents. We take pride in immaculate, speedy and tailored service. We understand that there are several mortgage brokers to work with, but several choose us because of our results. Our team of professionals will happily guide and assist you from the beginning of the process, until the end. We hope you choose Tailored Home Loans to help you take the next step in your life.

2. Find a Realtor

Always work with someone that makes you feel comfortable and puts “You” first. It doesn’t matter who referred you, or how amazing their reviews are, you must feel at ease every step of the way. If you do not trust them at the beginning, you probably won’t trust them until the end. Don’t be shy to ask questions. A good realtor will always be attentive and never make you feel embarrassed for asking the so-called “obvious” questions. They will send you listings that meet your criteria and promptly update you about any new listings. Don’t forget to visit homes that you absolutely love immediately, because the people before you could be placing an offer. Timing is key.

3. Finding a Home

Let the fun begin! It is very exciting to search for a home, but don’t forget to envision your future in the next couple of years or so. Stay updated on the local market trends. Are you single? In a relationship planning on a family? Do you already have a family? If so, what are the local schools like in the area. Research your favorite areas and compare them, make sure it is somewhere you will be happy for years to come, who knows what may happen in the future to the house values. We can’t emphasize this enough, don’t forget to visit homes that you absolutely love immediately, because the people before you could be placing an offer. We have seen so many first time home buyers searching for the perfect home, they actually found a few, but let them pass by because they thought they could find better. Unfortunately, if you keep being top picky, you won’t ever find a home, you have to just imagine yourself in the home and realize that most properties can be changed to your liking and will be the perfect gem for you and your loved ones. Timing is key, don’t waste it.

4. Make an Offer

Don’t be shy, make an offer.

Scenario 1

There may be several people interested in a property, so you may have to make a persuasive offer in order to get your desired home.

Scenario 2

Hopefully, the property you are looking at doesn’t have too many prospects and you can make a lower offer than requested. You never know, you may get the home of your dreams for a cheaper price!

5. Get Insurance

Always protect your assets in every way possible. You never know hone something may go wrong, so always get insurance for your home(s).

Congratulations on your New Home!

Now its time for you to celebrate by throwing a house warming party! Don’t forget to invite us!

Make your next move, we are here to guide you.
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